Peter Lynn Lynx V5

Åpen foil. All-round, Freeride, Snø. Magnet bar v2 kjøpes i tillegg

  • Artnr: VMPL6304

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Lynx er din solide turkamerat uansett vær, når du er ute i snøen i timesvis. En medium aspect ratio kite, designet for å være stabil i alle forhold, gi mye kraft i lite vind og en særdeles tilgivende kite når du trenger det. For freeride og topptur. Lynx er nå ute i sin 5 versjon og forbedringene siter der de skal. Ideell for nybegynnere, den som skal lære bort, og den viderekomne som vil cruise, nyte og hoppe kontrollert. Lynx kommer også i en ultralett utgave, designet for 

Designeren sier selv om Lynx karakteristika:


The Lynx’s ease of use makes it the perfect depower foil for riders of any skill level, whether you are just getting to grips with depower or are a seasoned veteran looking for a stable wind engine. The Lynx features a stop and go system that completely shuts down power quickly and safely, yet the kite is extremely easy to get back in the air again


The medium Aspect Ratio wing is designed to be as stable as possible in all, different conditions. The specially designed Dyneema® bridle results in a highly responsive and quick turning wing.


The Lynx features a 5th line specifically designed to ensure safe landings or safe releases in tricky situations. The safety line acts like an extra bridle which is connected to the sides of the kite: by pulling the 5th line, the kite safely compacts into a bundle, immediately eliminating 100% of the kites power.


The smooth and accessible power of the Lynx allows for a broad range of uses. Along with freeriding snowkite adventures, it is also perfectly suitable for landboarding, comfortable buggy cruising or for teaching purposes.

The Lynx is a medium Aspect Ratio, open cell depower foil with a safety 5th line, which offers plenty of smooth and controllable power and is very responsive to bar input. The kite’s stability and superior flight characteristics make depower kiting easy and accessible in a wide variety of conditions. The Lynx is designed to be as easy and user-friendly as possible to guarantee a great kiting experience for riders who are just getting into the sport. This ease of use also makes it the perfect kite for teaching purposes, especially for teaching beginners.
Additionally, it’s great stability and predictable flight behavior make the Lynx perfectly suitable for experienced riders that need a safe wind engine to climb up mountains. It never fails it’s rider, and brings them to destination easily and quickly. The newly incorporated ‘Stop ‘n Go’ safety system furthermore guarantees 100% depower even in tricky conditions so that every adventure will be safe and hassle-free. In fact, the system is also designed for no-hassle re-launch and can also be used to securely anchor the kite if you need to take a break.
Further improvements towards the kite’s stability and superior flight characteristics can be found on the trailing edge. Now reinforced with a stretch free material, the results are a dimensionally stable wing, which in turn generates a clean airflow that further improves handling and performance. The Lynx comes in a fully functional and comfortable backpack that has ample room to spare for snacks and drinks.

When you purchase the aditional Magnet bar, you get a 53cm bar which fits all 4 kite sizes and is equipped with a 5th line safety release, a reliable self-landing handle, high-quality Samson Dyneema leader lines, and an above-the-bar clamcleat power adjuster.

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