Peter Lynn Capital 137 (137 x 42) complete

Freestyle and Wakestyle

  • Artnr: BKPL0010C

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

The Peter Lynn Capital is built to offer freestyle and wakestyle performance. It’s the deal board if you’re starting to explore jumps and want to progress through them quickly and easily. From learning jumps to throwing the biggest passes, the Capital is made for the biggest pops and soft landings! Riding with a balanced grip thanks to the nice channel, the Capital will be your constant companion!

- Light yet durable and strong board made with paulownia and ash core with a fully carbon finish. 
- Nice shaped rocker line for a board steady in all conditions and that can pop hard, fly high and land softly and steadily
- Balanced rockerline fit for a freestyle/wakestyle board
- Perfect channels to ensure grip and improve control doing jumps
- 40mm G10 fins for an incredible grip
- Soft pads and straps that ensure you don’t slip out

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